Andrea Swindells

The artist throughout history has engendered the role as someone who lives outside of the usual formal constraints of everyday ordinary life. The artist today is expected to show us another way: The artist is somehow honoured with having views that transcend the ordinary, the less obvious than the expected. If we tend to agree that war of itself is insane, even when deemed necessary, then perhaps the artist is the only portal through which we can examine it.

Artists create with impunity, gory war images whilst maintaining a calculated portion of reverence because they are beyond the normal expectations of the ordinary people. With countless high-tech mediums we could record our battles at safe distances. Yet we choose to find more authenticity and gravitas from artist's sketch books and paintings. Books are published with the intimate sketches and the paintings are displayed in white spaces where war is shared in a more holy setting. War is exposed and dissected and brought to bear with integrity and fresh eyes.

This show not only asks the usual questions of why but expose wars consequences and effects with clinical pathological precision. The work has the power to make you recoil and flinch uncomfortably and realise you too belong to this war weary band of fellow human beings.



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